Dealing with Impractical winter purchases 

You know us women love this impractical life, I don’t know why we do it to ourselves but we love that ish. Let’s not even lie I KNOW you have bought those cute cut-out boots, LOVED it, took it home, put it in your cupboard and couldn’t wait to wear it. Then one chilly day when you need a boot and remember you have THOSE boots you haven’t worn yet, you throw them on and away you go! Until you realize that things are feeling very airy and cool down there and realize that cut-outs really don’t make sense in winter and that they shouldn’t be on boots AT ALL. It’s like adding fur to sandals or toes to socks…pointless. 
Which brings me to me to this outfit, it’s actually a beautiful blazer dress I wore in summertime but I really was into this sleeveless coat thing doing the rounds this winter but wasn’t willing to commit because I thought about those impractical things I buy and realized it wasn’t worth it (for me, please feel free to buy whatever you like). So in true Bronwyn ‘save a buck’ style I decided to make this sleeveless coat thing happen by wearing my dress unbuttoned and voila impractical sleeveless coat, DONE. I’m short and thick so I can’t really layer it too much so I have to wear something light and can only do this outfit when the days are warmer which doesn’t really help this winter situation then, does it? 
I shall probaly continue down the road of impracticality (don’t judge me) but hopefully steering clear of furry crop tops and cut-out dresses that have my rolls bulging out in all the wrong places for the world to see (and they really don’t need to). Oh well as long as I look cute, right? 

Photography by: Lana Britton

         Shop my look:

Coat: Me&You clothing

Pants & tee: Cotton on

Shoes: Edgars 


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