We be Poling 

It’s really a ‘judgement-free zone’ I can wear my booty shorts and feel comfortable because nobody is giving me the side eye because of my chunky cheese thighs and 3-month pregnant looking tummy. It’s only been a month (just a few lessons later) and my body is already changing my arms are so much stronger and toned and because you engage your core constantly I know under that layer of blubber things are tightening up. Not that I ever needed help with my confidence because I basically think I’m fabulous but I do think it’s done wonders for my body confidence.
I’m excited because I am so engaged I wish I could practice everyday i just want to keep perfecting my moves and learning all those cool things I see my instructors do but when I try I usually look like a flailing fool. My instructor, Megan Snijman who co-owns the studio with Laila Petersen both have a background in high powered corporate jobs but found freedom in dance, particularly Pole, and wanted to share their love of the sport with other women which I love. 
You don’t need to be fit to start polefit because it is predominantly anaerobic exercise, (and if I could do it anyone can) you work with your body weight, this boosts your metabolism and keeps it elevated for long periods after your workout so its a great way to get into shape while being ratchet and having no one judge you! 
After winning Miss Pole Dance SA (Intermediate division, 2010) Megan had a dream to start PoleFit classes – a combination of pole dance and fitness. She received her REPSSA, REPSUK, an internationally recognised Pole Dance Fitness Instructor Qualification so between Laila and her they have enough experience to train dancers at every level. Which I love because it can be intimidating if you’re a bit chunky like me.

 Classes are categorised into 3 levels:

 BronzePole (beginner) – basically me right now 

 SilverPole (Intermediate) – hopefully where I’ll be by the end of this year, needing a miracle at this point 

 GoldPole (Pre Advanced) and Platinum Pole (Advanced) – I’m literally going to need to be superhuman and grow an extra pair of limbs for this 
To book a trial class email info@pole-fit.co.za, 
OR join their community of dancers on Facebook (SA-Pole-Fit-Academy) or Instagram (@polefitsa) to check time and dates of classes.

Venue: 3 Cross str. Virgin active complex, Bryanston 



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