Gold rush 

I actually didn’t like this outfit, I felt like I just had to get over myself and deal with the fact that things don’t work sometime but I had a great time at the wedding and didn’t even worry about what I had on.

 So I spoke to my designer about it 2 weeks before the wedding and I wanted it done in a pleated red silk but having the material pleated would take too long. He then found an already pleated material in gold which I was really happy with.I also didn’t realize how much weight I have picked up since December sometimes you actually just don’t realize until you stand in a 2-piece with your midriff exposed and a kangaroo pouch staring back at you. Once the outfit was completed I hated the top I’m quite conscious because I’m  top heavy and did not feel comfortable at all, 2 days pre-wedding.

In typical Bronwyn style I stressed myself and everyone else out, once calmed down I decided to just gone with a plan B and see what’s on my wardrobe. Although us women feel like we don’t have anything in our closet, once pushed it’s amazing what we come up with.

Photography by: Nadia Omar

Top & shoes: Mr. Price

Skirt: @i_am_tino

Neckpiece: Topshop

Bangles: Forevermine jewelry 


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