I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger

Sometimes we have these amazing ideas in our heads, sometimes those ideas fall flat on their faces. Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands and wing it. Maybe you breakdown and text your sister 50 times about what to do, maybe your sister is pregnant & can’t deal with your insanity. 

That’s what happened with the skirt in this post it was supposed to be red, in silk material, with a matching top etc. I think you get the pointbut I’ll explain it all in my next post.

 Besides all my issues I really love this outfit probably my favourite outfit I’ve shared with you guys. My boyfriend obviously hates this Gold digger pullover he doesn’t ever want to go anywhere with me when I’m wearing it. He says and I quote ‘people are going to think I’m your sugar daddy or something.’ Which I find hilarious because an actual gold digger wouldn’t walk the streets with a sign that says ‘date me, I want to take all your money’ let alone walk with the guy in public with it on. I love this top I think it’s tongue in cheek. 

And as you know I love mixing unexpected items together, that’s the best part about fashion, being unconventional. I paired this gorgeous gold high waist skirt I had made for a wedding I’m attending (which will be my next post) with a pair of sneakers. Immediate streetstyle cred, no? I feel like I’m walking the streets of New York fashion week in this gold & black (favourite colours) get up. Aaaaah life goals…

Photography by: Nadia Omar

Shop my look:

Top: Mr. Price 

Skirt: Made by @i_am_tino

Shoes: New balance

Bag: Zara

Bangles: @forevermine_jewelry


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