Not your regular

Sometimes I wish I was a designer. I wish I could sew my own clothing, the way I want it that suits my body perfectly. I have huge a problem buying clothing (this is why my shoe collection is disgustingly large) I hardly find anything that fits my short, curvy physique properly. I’m definitely not a regular fit, I’m an abscure size between medium and we don’t really cater for you. So I have to be creative, I bought this vest a size too large because I’m busty and didn’t want it to fit snug and accentuate the girls. And it basically looks like a dress (yes I’m wearing shorts underneath). What do I do with a boring white tee almost dress length? Put pearls on it of course. I just sewed some silver pearls on to match my necklace and voilá!

Photography: Nadia Omar

Shop my look:
Vest: Mr. Price DIY’ed by Bronwyn Abrahams
Shorts: Mr. Price
Shoes: Edgars
Sunglasses: Flea market in Cape Town
Necklace & bag: Forevermine








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