Don’t worry Be Yoncè

So I woke up to the news that Solange tied the knot, this just made my day because I die over her wedding photos up on Beyonces Instagram account so I find it very appropriate to be posting my Yoncè outfit.

I attended the JT One & Woolworths Slumber party last week it was the most amazing time, I literally danced from the time they opened the Inanda polo club doors till I left the building (yes I wore sneakers, no I was not in pain the following day). Lucky for me the dress code was very vague ‘Girls just want to have fun’ so what’s more fun than a tutu and some sneakers? I just had to wear my ‘Don’t Worry Be Yoncè’ sweater because what’s better than a tee that makes you feel funny & cool at the same time?

The event was filled with hot DJs, candy, pizza,sushi & amp; drinks stations, hot boys walking around topless (thank you again JT ONE team) and a pillow fight station! It was a magical, very pink, very girly night of fun!

Shop my look:
Sweater: Legit
Tutu: DIY
Sneakers: Adidas








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