Love what you’re wearing

We all have fond childhood memories familiar scents, games we played, holidays we went on. Well one of those memories is smelling my towels & clothing after it came out of the wash, fresh and comforting. Skip is something I will never forget, it was always part of our grocery shopping routine. I don’t remember my mom using any other washing powder, she was loyal to Skip and quite frankly it never let her down. It never let me down, especially because I spend the bulk of my money on clothing I expect my detergent to care for my clothing as much as I do. Skip for me has just always been a constant even when I went off to university & had to wash my own clothing (first time in 18 years) I just trusted the brand and didn’t think twice when at the store.

So to my delight I now get to work with them & enjoy a night of fashion with the brand who has taken care of my clothes for the last 20 odd years. Skip actually cares for your clothing and I love that about them! So I want you to join me at the last Skip Fashion Exchange where you will be treated to a three-course meal, drinks and a R300 goodie bag while you exchange your clothing items with other fashionistas! And as a bonus if you enter you could win all that and a years supply of Skip! Alternatively tickets will be on sale.

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post ‘I want to go the next Skip Fashion Exchange’ or tweet me, @bronny_ja and @SkipSouthAfrica with the hashtag #skipfashionexchange telling us why you would like to go.

Shop my look:

Top: Mr. Price.
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Edgars
Bag: Anni King
Jewelry: Forevermine jewelry

Please note: transport to and from event not included.




6 thoughts on “Love what you’re wearing

  1. Thembi

    ‘I want to go the next Skip Fashion Exchange’ because I have so many things I’d like to exchange and mingling with Jozi’s HOTTEST Fashionistas will be a cherry on top :-)…Please & Thank you #SkipFashionExchange


  2. Thembi

    “I badly want to go to the next Skip Fashion Exchange”… As Yves Saint-Laurent said: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” So being amongst Jozi’s Fashionistas would quench my eternal thirst/LOVE for FASHION, by exchanging my items with theirs :-)…Please & Thank You…#SkipFashionExchange


  3. I want to go to the next Skip Exchange because:
    1. It sounds like an amazing event
    2. Turbine hall is a beautiful venue
    3. Goodie bag!!!
    4. Would love to blog about it
    5. Possibility of getting different pieces in my wardrobe
    6. My mother would love a years worth of Skip!


  4. Thembi

    “I want/would LOVE to go the next Skip Fashion Exchange” for all my above reasons AND who would not love a YEAR’S supply of Skip to keep those beautiful items I’d get at the exchange fresh, clean & colourful :-)?? #SkipFashionExchange


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