I’m hardly what you’d call the domesticated goddess. I hate cleaning, like hate. Washing dishes is a form of torture for me. I think it’s all the years of living alone and having no one to clean up after me (and laziness, a lot of laziness). It’s a must-do not a wan to. I’m actually quite a lover of baking funny enough, the one thing I don’t eat…pastries, puddings and cake. Cooking is not that bad either I love trying new recipes but not as much and I love eating them.

So being a women is associated with all these duties, quite frankly I’m more of an equality kind of girl, ‘if I can wash dishes so can you darling’ is my thinking. So I wondered what makes you feminine? The way the dress obviously plays a large role in what peoples first impressions of you are…do you ever dress to present yourself a certain way?

For the most part I am conscious of where I’m going and to be appropriate for that situation but a large part of me rebels. I don’t want to be stereotypically what people expect. Perfect. No I don’t like those things. Femine. Ethereal. Beautiful. I always want an edge. Something that sets me apart. I think it’s important, I think that when you discover your style or your style evolves that you always remain true to your personality. Who you are. Not who you are told to be.

Photographed by: Alicia Thompson

Shop my look:

Top: Cotton on
Skirt: Nick Coutts for Mr. Price
Shoes: Migato
Jewelry: Forevermine jewelry
Nails: Ma Cherie nails









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