The wedding crasher

So I’m not really one for dresses. On the odd occasion that I buy one it’s because I think I’m going to get invited to a friends wedding, please note how I say ‘think’ because somehow I never make the cut. I know people are on a budget so I’m not going to hold it against them albeit ‘I see you’. But seriously if anyone’s getting married and feel the need to invite me, please do, I buy nice gifts, I promise.

But on a serious note I really just don’t like dresses I don’t know if it’s because I’m not the so-called ‘girly-girl’ but I just feel out of my element. Like I’m pretending to be a swan when I’m actually a duck. A recent trip to Mr. Price Westgate (personally I think it’s the best one in Gauteng) which is completely out of the way for me, I found this gem of a dress.

I feel sexy, confident, cool and comfortable. It’s everything you would want in a dress…ethereal but with some sex appeal. And it’s not short so you don’t feel like you need should be standing on Voortrekker road (all my Capetonians readers would understand).

I paired it with my go-to black heel that’s super comfy and very versatile. Simple and chic ready for any wedding crashing I need to do this wedding season!

Photgraphed by: Alicia Thompson

Shop my look:

Dress: Mr. Price
Shoes: Zara
Jewelry: Forevermine jewelry










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