Lies I tell myself when I shop

1. You have a body like Jennifer Lopez/Beyonce/Kim Kardashian
It’s strange I’m a smart girl, I know exactly what these women look like (perfection) but I’m still completely convinced when I step inside that change room that my body will automatically morph into this, small boob, tiny waist, voluptuous derrière. But alas…

2. I can afford this….(if I eat peanut butter and bread for the rest of the month)
Some of us may be fortunate to have no budget at all but let’s face it they’re few and far between, back in the real world some of us have to use our hard-earned blood, sweat & tears to buy their clothing. For me, I can let an expensive clothing item go for a more affordable version but it’s the shoes that kill me. I will spend all my money on a great pair of heels, once I see them they will haunt my dreams, I ABSOLUTELY have to find a way to buy them!!!

3. I’m going to look like the girl in the ad campaign.
This is probaly the most heart-breaking lie I tell myself. I am not a model. And will never be a model. Hello I’m 1,61m. Get over this lie you constantly tell yourself Bronwyn and get with the real world (this is a work in progress).I shall be a conqueror!

4. The change room mirrors are conspiring against me
The jury is still out on this one..I’m pretty sure that those change room mirrors were designed to make me see myself in every possible angle that is unflattering.

5. Always buy during a sale
Actually this is every women’s problem. We cannot for the life of us pull ourselves away we have to ‘take a look’. When in actual fact why are they charging us so much money in the first place of we’re paying this little for the product?! And secondly we cannot wear this going into the next season so it’s pointless until the following year really?



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