Sit, sip, shop second-hand…

I use to be a sceptic about online shopping, I was introduced by my sister who constantly used this world I was so unfamiliar with. Nonetheless I eventually asked her to buy stuff for me because I was unsure of what I was doing (instead of just asking someone, like a normal human) until I felt guilty and did it myself. A whole new world I tell you! It’s like the Red Sea had parted and I saw my promised land, okay that’s a tad dramatic but you get point. If you haven’t jumped on the online bandwagon where have you been sister? I shopped anywhere and everywhere for clothing, South Africa is definitely coming to the party with their online presence and a lot of retailers have started using it.

One online store in particular who I have to be honest I used to predominantly buy household goods from but did not necessarily think about fashion, was Gumtree. I love buying vintage or second-hand because it’s usually one-of-kind, unique pieces you can always mix with the latest trends or classic pieces. Gumtree sells any and everything from once-used matric ball gowns and wedding dresses to cool second-hand goods. The nice thing about it is you can filter exactly what you’re looking for, even your location eg. Bellville, Cape Town or Bedfordview, Johannesburg. Which is pretty nifty and helps minimise the pain of driving to malls looking for something. Prices on Gumtree are sometimes negotiable but on the whole they’re pretty reasonable which is good news for us shopaholics.

You can really find anything on Gumtree, I mean there’s everything from high heels to lab coats. Fancy dress party…done and done, they have it all. All ages, all sizes, all occasions. Just one click away. We do live in South Africa so let’s just keep level-headed, not everyone is a nice person so please be safe, meet in a public place and pay cash. But other than that happy shopping on this hidden fashion gem of an online store!



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