Birthday month

So I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago I didn’t make much of a fuss because I’m having issues dealing with my new age but true to form my parents decided to do an all out feast with the whole family (which I quite liked because I think the day literally belongs to me).

You see I’m a birthday person, if I could dedicate the whole month to myself I would surely have everyone take leave and celebrate on a yacht in the south of France. But that’s just me. We can all dream, right? Anyway back to the point…MY AGE.

To those over 30 you’re probaly going to rolling your eyes by the next paragraph and those under 25 will probaly think I’m some old hag. Either way I don’t care I’m going to rant and rave (because it’s my birthday month, of course).

I’m 27! There I said it, it’s out there on the web for the world to see (breathes out a sigh of relief). And I’m not dealing, this is an awkward age, I’m in the box between 25-35 but somehow I don’t feel old enough to be in there but I’m sure as hell not young anymore. Do I change the way I dress should I be more responsible now? I don’t know. I feel like the world will surely be putting the pressures of marriage & babies to me shortly of which I am interested in neither at the moment. I just want to travel and laugh and be happy and dress really really well on my menial budget! That’s what life is about anyway, no?

Here’s one of my favourite gifts thanks to the boyfriend, my Parental Advisory sheer top.

Photographed by: Alicia Thompson

Shop my look:
Top: MeandYou Clothing boutique
Skirt: Edgar’s
Heels: Zara







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