DIY: Bloggers do it best

So a while back I attended the MTV Africa Music Awards nomination party and as these media parties go everyone knows everyone. Obviously being new to the game I didn’t know anyone but the celebrities. Just before I left a friend introduced me to Thithi and because of her Afro at the time (I associate her with cool braids) I embarrassingly thought she was the quirky fashionista (another SA blogger). She was sweet enough to correct me and we immediately hit it off, she offered that we do a DIY blogpost together and months later here we are…

We decided to swap an item each & re-do the piece, I asked Thithi to ‘make my plain denim shorts distressed’ but to surprise me with a twist. She gave me a plain sporty grey pullover which she asked me to do something where she could ‘wear it at night’.

My first thought was to cut it up into a vest but the problem with that was that if I mess it up it would be very difficult to fix. So I decided to just cut some sleeves and add something to the pullover to make it a bit glamorous…just a little bling never hurt nobody! I took a necklace apart and removed the chain for the focal piece of the top & stitched the little beads all along the upper part of the top and vóila!

My tips for DIY:

– think before you cut, make sure you know what you want to achieve

– measure the sleeves so that you get an equal cut, lopsided is not cute

– do find inspiration if you’re not sure about what you can do with old

– use cotton that matches the colour of your piece

– sometimes less is more


I love what Thithi did with my shorts, she made them distressed added material on the pocket which I absolutely love because its so unique. She also added spikes to make them quite edgy. Lookout for her post coming to her blog soon where she till you the 411 on just how she achieved the look & how my shorts looked before the change on







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