Diva on a Dime

Let’s face it most of us are on a budget. Whether the budget is big or small we all have to watch what we spend. Some of us (me, cough, cough) seem to be worse at these things than others but I do know my limitations. I won’t lie if I had an unlimited budget I would definitely live in Luxury brand shops but alas those purchases are left for special occasions.

I am a practical girl (somewhat, my boyfriend would differ) I like to find bargains where I can. Don’t get me wrong I hate sales you won’t find me dead in one I can’t ravage through rails & rails of clothing while women do everything short of claw my eyes out for the ‘good stuff’.
I buy from chain stores, online & thrift if I want bargains.

These are a few pieces I got super cheap everything under R250 but look still look good.

Shop my look:
Jacket: Gifted but from Mr. Price
Hat: Aldo
Top & pants: Cotton on
Bag: Hospice (photographers own)

Photographed by: Alicia Thompson









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