Packing light

A few weeks back I flew to Cape Town it’s like my second home because most of my friends are there but I love it because I don’t have to pack a signal pair of heels. I actually over-pack for everything I always want a million options but land up wearing like 5 items. So I challenged myself this time (mostly because I wasn’t supposed to go it was a last minute thing) and literally packed two pairs of shoes. My black Chanel espadrilles which go with almost everything & a pair of cobalt blue Aldo heels. That’s it. For a 5-day trip. I can’t believe it myself because I’m a shoe addict I’ll buy shoes before I buy food and on a normal trip I have at least 13 pairs with just ‘in case you never know’ type thing. So I had to become very creative it found it actually easier because I was forced to just get on with it and focus on seeing everyone I planned to which by the way didn’t really work out that well either but I tried. I had a really cool holiday just visiting & catching up with friends it was a perfect getaway.

Here’s one of my daytime outfits check out my Instagram for more pictures of my trip.

Shop my look:
Top: Mr. Price
Short: Lambley
Jacket: gifted
Shoes: Chanel

Lambley is an online store with amazing vintage pieces at great prices. Find them on Facebook.






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