SA Men’s Style Watch

SA men’s style watch

South African men are definitely stylish and their style speaks loud and clear. These heavy hitters in their respective fields get full marks for their stylish threads…

Wayne Parnell is a cricketer who plays Tests, One Day International and Twenty20 matches for South Africa. At domestic level he plays for the Warriors having previously represented Eastern Province, he has also played county cricket for Kent. He has a huge social media following but I doubt it’s just for his bowling talents. His posts on Instagram have made waves because of his cool style and underwear shots of his outfit of the day. Owning the hashtag #Wayneswear he has the SA fashion scene taking note of his style. His style is laid back yet daring with cool colour palettes and print clashing. His kicks are definitely a favourite and his always rocking a new ultra cool pair.

He sat down to chat with me about his style:

How would you describe your style?

My style is very diverse so I wouldn’t say I have a specific style. My style depends on my mood. I mostly dress according to my mood.

When did you realise you’re into fashion?

I never really thought about it but I realized that I have an unusual amount of clothing for a guy, so I guess that’s when I realized that I’m really into my fashion.

Anyone in particular who’s style you admire?

I don’t think I follow anybody else’s style. I like to be unique when I dress so I imagine an outfit in my head then I put it on. Sometimes it looks horrible then I just try on something else.

Do you think it’s important for men to be well-groomed?

Depends on what your style is. Some men prefer the rugged look so then it seems it’s less important to be neatly groomed. For me personally I try and have my hair neat and I’m never cleanly shaven.

Any favourite brands?

Some of my favorites are Nike, Jordan, Polo, J.Lindberg, Lacoste, Zara and Diesel to name but a few.


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