Taking it to the streets

Every fashion girl either wants to be there or they are there…yes, it’s Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. And with it fashion royalty has ascending upon its streets. The fashion industry has evolved so much over the years it’s not just about the supermodels who fiercely walk the runways anymore its turned it’s attention to the who’s who attending the events. Press, buyers and bloggers alike all fill up the auditoriums to get a first-peak at what the fashion designers have on offer for the seasons to come. Of course I love the runway shows that always seem to fly by way too fast but my favourite part of every fashion week really is the streetstyle. These people go all out to look as fabulous and fierce as humanly possible while still trying to look like they didn’t try at all (even though we all know it took an army). New York City has been under snow since fashion week started this past weekend but that didn’t stop these fashionistas from hitting the streets in some amazing (yet totally out of any average persons budget) outfits.

Here’s a few of my favourite looks:

Photo credits:
Fashion press
June Ambrose


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