Making vintage timeless…

So I found this photograph of my mom that was taken in London about 16 years ago, I was immediately inspired to do this post. I remember snippets of this holiday but I don’t remember this outfit at all. I do however love it and the fact that photographs can capture moment in time that can never be relived but that you can have that memory forever. It inspired me to do his vintage look post bringing my moms outfit into this decade. I paired this vintage blazer with denim-on-denim and I very rarely wear sneakers so I paired it with these cobalt blue heels. I found this vintage blazer because my friend Lana is completely obsessed with thrift shopping and introduced me to online thrift shopping (which I’m kinda obsessed with) there are numerous pages on Facebook you can check out. This outfit proves that style is a very personal thing but also that it is eternal. I love that I can look back at clothes my mom wore many years ago and find it relevant and stylish today.

Shop my look:

Blazer: Vintage
Shirt: Cotton on
Jeans: Jahaan jeans
Heels: Aldo
Bag: Zoom

Photography: Alicia Thompson

Facebook pages:
Better half
Thrifty magpie
Boho broomcupboard


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